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ecoATM Launches UK Self-Service Kiosks for Recycling and Reusing Old Phones

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ecoATM is coming to Germany: dispose your old mobile phone in an environmentally friendly way and receive a countervalue

Phones that are not needed anymore will be processed for reuse or recycling; as part of a cooperation with MediaMarkt [smartphone] owners will receive a voucher in the amount of the calculated equivalent value 

Munich, September 18, 2019 – As of now there is a faster and easier way to do something good for the environment and receive a countervalue for smartphones that are no longer needed or damaged. This is made possible by ecoATM, the US based pioneer of new recycling and disposal concepts for smartphones. The company offers consumers a comfortable and responsible way for disposing of used mobile phones. As part of the launch in Germany, ecoATM cooperates with MediaMarkt. Ten Media Markets in Bonn, Dusseldorf, Erding, Eschweiler, Ingolstadt, Cologne, Landshut, Munich and Rosenheim take part in the initiative that’s piloting for the next six months. 

With the ecoATM kiosks we now expanding our service offer with a practical and sustainable alternative to dispose of old mobile phones professionally and receive a voucher in the amount of the calculated equivalent value,” explains Sonja Moosburger, Managing Director of MediaMarktSaturn’s innovation unit N3XT.

Where to put the old mobile phone?
A new smartphone is always a reason for joy: new features, new design, new possibilities. At the same time, the old one ends up in the drawer for the time being or is thrown away with the (special) waste immediately. According to a Bitkom study from 2018, nearly 124 million old devices lay around unused in German households at the moment. An enormous potential – in both ways. As drastic as the effects on the environment would be if the heavy metals, rare earths and other substances contained in mobile phones were to end up in nature, as significant are the values still contained. If it even concerns completely functional devices, it is the practical value that is literally "left behind" here.

"The problem of mobile phones that are not longer needed is not new – but it remains unsolved. With our concept we aim to contribute keeping the devices usable as long as possible and ensure a safe recycling at the actual end of the product's lifecycle. In Germany, we see a huge potential: There are many devices in circulation and Germans are said to be very eco-minded," explained Nick Buckland, General Manager International Operations at ecotATM.

The idea: protect the environment, continue using mobile phones
And this is how the idea works: Users bring their old mobile phone to the kiosk and enter its brand, model and condition. The kiosk determines the adequate equivalent value on the basis of an extensive data base as well as further parameters. When accepting the offer, consumers immediately receive the calculated countervalue in the form a MediaMarkt voucher. The whole process just takes a couple of minutes.

Entering manual details of the brand and condition of a device, customers can also receive preliminary offers. That is convenient for all customers who do not have their old mobile phones at hand but are still interested in an offer.

Beware of hazardous: mobile phones do not belong in the garbage
This brings a concrete advantage for all owners of old smartphones. But it is not just them who benefit, the environment is also one of the winners. Depending on the conditions, the delivered devices will be refurbished for reuse or professionally dismantled and recycled. This ensures that no hazardous will find a way into the environment by carelessly disposed mobile phones. What's more, fully functional devices can be used in a more sustainable way and the product life cycle extends tremendously

Since almost a decade, ecoATM is active in the US and recently also in the UK. All in all, more than 22 million mobile phones have been reused or recycled.

The new kiosks are available in the following MediaMarkt branches in Germany:

  • Bonn (Friedenspl. 1, 53111 Bonn)

  • Düsseldorf (Metro-Straße 16, 40235 Düsseldorf)

  • Erding (Johann-Auer-Straße 2, 85435 Erding)

  • Eschweiler Auerbachstraße 30, 52249 Eschweiler)

  • Ingolstadt (Eriagstraße 28, 85053 Ingolstadt)

  • Köln (Hohe Str. 121, 50667 Köln)

  • Landshut (Gaußstraße 1, 84030 Landshut)

  • München-Haidhausen (Einsteinstraße 130, 81675 München)

  • München-Solln (Drygalski-Allee 31, 81477 München)

  • Rosenheim (Georg-Aicher-Straße 6-10, 83026 Rosenheim)

About ecoATM
ecoATM is the pioneer of new recycling and disposal concepts for smartphones. The company was founded in the USA in 2009, and, since its entrance in the US market, the company has diverted over 22 million devices from landfill. ecoATM offers a comfortable and responsible way to dispose of their used smartphones for reuse or recycling and to receive an equivalent value instantly.
ecoATM's US activity to date comprises over 4,000 kiosks across 48 states, in the UK there are 30 kiosks. Besides a US store to sell certified pre-owned devices, ecoATM runs an online shop under the name Gazelle. More information can be found on and

Press Contact:
Chase Freeman
PR Manager 

Christoph Janeba
Sr. Dir. Business Development and Strategic Accounts Europe

PR Agentur in Germany:
FleishmanHillard Germany GmbH
Ewa Krzeszowiak
Telefon: +49 (0)211 54 087 725

Gazelle Launches UK Self-Service Kiosks for Recycling and Reusing Old Phones

Payment-for-handset kiosk which stormed the US brings its sustainable and instant service to the greater UK market.

LONDON, 20th March 2019 – Gazelle, the pioneer of reCommerce that has diverted over 19 million phones and counting from entering landfill in the US, today expanded internationally with the introduction of 18 new kiosks in the UK. Based predominantly in supermarkets and shopping centres across London and the Midlands, with more installations planned in the near future, the new kiosks from Gazelle will offer UK customers a convenient trade-in service with immediate payment, and the assurance that the devices will not contribute to ‘e-waste’ or end up in landfill.

“Gazelle is about instant reward for both its customers and the environment,” explained Yanyan Ji, SVP of Marketing at Gazelle. “With no salesperson and no wait – you receive funds, on the spot, for the devices that you no longer use, while simultaneously reducing the scourge of electronic waste.”

Gazelle, together with parent company, ecoATM, LLC headquartered in San Diego, Calif., has diverted over 19 million devices from landfill in the US. This success has centred around offering a fair price for consumers’ pre-owned devices and certifying them for resale, either through the marketplace, or to wholesale buyers, refurbishers and recyclers.

In preventing so many phones from ending up in landfill, Gazelle has had the equivalent positive impact on the environment as removing over 2,500 cars from the road or planting over four million trees around the world. It is this stellar environmental record, millions of happy customers in the US and a successful pilot scheme in the Midlands, which has led the company to expand further into the UK.

“We have provided this widely popular service to millions of customers in the US for over a decade,” said CEO Dave Maquera. “We are excited now to offer the same for customers in the UK, while protecting the environment on a global scale.”

Device pricing is determined by the model, specific condition, memory capacity and value in the second-hand markets. Each phone is instantly and carefully evaluated using a unique machine vision system, electrical diagnostics, and artificial intelligence system all within the automated Gazelle kiosk.

For more information and pricing, please visit

About Gazelle in the UK:

Gazelle kiosks reduce electronic waste and find value in used electronics. The kiosks are simple to use, efficient, and provide instant payment for smart recycling. Whether your old device is outdated, broken or simply unused, a trip to a Gazelle kiosk can aid both your bank balance and the environment. Learn more about Gazelle in the UK at

About ecoATM Gazelle in the US:

In the US, Gazelle goes by the brand name, ecoATM. ecoATM was launched in the USA in 2009, and, since its inception in the US market, has diverted over 19 million devices from landfill. The US activity to date comprises over 3,500 kiosks across 47 States. In 2014, Gazelle launched a store to sell certified pre-owned devices and gave consumers a great and easy alternative to buying new smartphones. Gazelle and ecoATM are one cohesive company with two brands. Learn more about ecoATM Gazelle in the US at and

Sample Pricing*:

Brand Model Price
Apple iPhone 7 256GB  £185
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256GB  £195
Apple iPhone 8 256GB  £261
Apple iPhone X 256GB  £431
Apple iPhone XR 256GB  £501
Google Pixel 2XL   £105
Huawei Mate 9 £110
Huawei Mate 9 Pro £145
Samsung Galaxy S9+ SM-G965F £314
Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F £191
OnePlus 5 A5000 £68

*Grade: Power up, working LCD, no missing/broken parts, not iCloud locked, Sim free. Pricing as of 20.03.19

Current ecoATM Kiosk Locations

  • London
  • Morrisons, 1 King St
  • Morrisons, Chalk Farm Rd
  • Morrisons, 10 Hertslet Rd
  • Westfield London, Ariel Way (x2)
  • Westfield Stratford City, Olympic Park (x2)
  • Morrisons, 19 Aldermans Hill
  • Morrisons, 6-7 Salisbury Hall Gardens
  • Morrisons, James Watt Way, Erith
  • Pentagon Shopping Centre, High Street, Chatham (Kent)
  • Midlands & others
  • Newlands Shopping Centre, Gold St, Kettering
  • Morrisons, Redditch, Warwick Highway
  • Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre, 33 Maple Walk, Birmingham
  • Morrisons, 264 Chester Rd, Birmingham
  • Waterside Shopping Centre, High St, Lincoln
  • Idlewells Shopping Centre, Sutton in Ashfield
  • Morrisons, Rushton Ave, Bradford

March 18, 2019