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No data is harmed in the process

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How to Prepare Your Phone

Getting a free estimate at ecoATM kiosk is simple. Start by connecting your phone, then give the kiosk a few minutes to determine a price. To speed up your time at the kiosk and to protect your personal information, there are a few simple steps to prepare your phone for sale.

Step 1

Back up your device. This can be done on a computer or to a cloud program.

Step 2

Factory reset your phone. This function is found in your phone settings. Please also ensure that all your personal information is deleted from your phone.

Step 3

Remove any sim/memory cards. If this is easily retractable from your brand of phone, simply pop it out before trading in. If not, proceed to the next step.

Apple instructions: Click here

Samsung instructions: Click here

For all other devices, please check with your manufacturer for the appropriate steps to take to clear your device.


We accept devices of all walks of life, from new models to the broken older phones in your drawer. Find out how much your phone is worth today.

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Please note: In order to protect your personal information, you will be required to clear your personal data from the phone before finishing the sale. Learn how you can prepare your phone before deciding to sell. You must be 18 years or older to trade in a phone and receive payment.