Changing the world one phone at a time

Changing the world one phone at a time

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Become an ecoATM partner

ecoATM is the "turnkey" customer friendly solution for the automated purchase of mobile phones and their responsible recycling.

Set a sustainable example within your area while enhancing additional sales, footfall and revenue generation. All this and we're great for the environment too.

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Do you want to join the mobile phone re-use and recycle revolution? We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us:

Jessica O’Dwyer
UK & Ireland

UK & Ireland

Shaun Robinson
Account Manager,


Bernhard Nielson
Account Manager,


Shaz Khan
Channel Coordinator,


Are you interested in purchasing refurbished mobile phones?

Become an ecoATM partner and receive competitive pricing. We operate to the highest quality standard and data security.

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Mobile phone recycling as a sustainable revenue generator - with ecoATM

With an estimated 125 million unused mobile phones sitting in UK households, millions of UK consumers are looking how to cash in and recycle their mobile phones. ecoATM is the one-stop partner for retailers to provide their customers a solution.

Becoming an ecoATM partner is easy and has many benefits:

ecoATM maintains, services, and installs all machines quickly and easily into agreed locations.

With ecoATM you offer added value for your customers and do the right thing for the environment.

With ecoATM you can generate additional sales and footfall for your business, without risk or investment costs.

ecoATM takes care of reuse or responsible recycling.

ecoATM accepts all mobile phones in any condition.

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ecoATM was founded in the US in 2009 to provide a convenient and responsible way for consumers to trade in pre-owned mobile phones for instant payment, with the assurance that the devices will be recycled or reused.

With over 5,000 kiosks globally and international expansion into UK, France & Germany. We are the market leader in mobile phone recycle and resale.

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