Your data is your own business. Protecting your privacy is ours.

Privacy PLUS ® protects your smartphone data. Sell your phone with peace of mind.

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Privacy Plus

Here's how it works

Prepare your phone at home

When you sign out of all your accounts and perform a factory reset at home you’ve already taken a big step to ensure your data can never be accessed. And you’ll make your experience at the ecoATM faster and even more secure.

At an ecoATM

It’s important to know that personal data stored on your smartphone is never accessed by ecoATM. ecoATM only looks for technical information (such as model, carrier and IMEI number) in order to estimate the value of your smartphone and to prevent fraud.

What happens next

First, we ship your phone from the kiosk to our processing facility in a tamper proof bag with full tracing along the way. The facility runs to a strict, secured and accredited data wipe process called Blackbelt. This process means that data is removed beyond recovery and tested. What we do next depends on the precise make and model of your phone itself.

(a) More modern phones (those with iOS 8 and above or Android 10 and above) have a full, unrecoverable data-wipe performed before we refurbish and resell them. You can wave goodbye to your data - it’s gone!

(b) For phones on older operating systems (iOS 1-7, up to Android 9), the memory is overwritten multiple times to wipe the data. While this is (theoretically!) not quite as good as what more modern phones allow, to all practical purposes your data is gone.

(c) Older mobile phones and early smartphones are not as securely encrypted as modern Apple and Android phones. We therefore dismantle and recycle all these devices during which the hard-drive containing your data is physically destroyed.

All you have to do is a factory reset before you come to an ecoATM and we’ll take care of the rest. Rest easy knowing Privacy PLUS gives you peace of mind and ecoATM cares as much about protecting your privacy as you do.

Please see our applicable T&Cs and privacy policy.